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Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
he reveals lies and crimes of the u.s. government and is the one that is criminalized. >> do you share that sentiment or is there something to be said about facing some of the consequences for this and has he already? >> he already has. i would limit it to time served which of course included nine months in solitary which even the judge found to be torture or on lawful pretrial confinement. realistically given that the government was seeking 90 and then 60 and the defense was around 25, 35 seems like a good outcome though obviously it is a very -- it is very steep compared to any other whistleblower on espionage charges. >> down to possibly eight, as you said. but that implies that manning is still sort of a dangerous individual which cannot be the case. he leaked secrets. it is not like he is giving security clearance and will be able to do this again. is this about sending a message, not summits dealing with a crime but making sure people in the future do not. >> the government had the opportunity when private manning pled guilty to improperly disclosing classified information,
Aug 5, 2013 5:00pm PDT
>> a quick news update for you here. the u.s. is keeping embassies across the middle east and africa shut until at least saturday after the end of the muslim eid festival. officials say a message was intercepted from al qaeda. he was found guilty of plotting to overthrow the government in a landmark trial. a convicted pedophile who was pardoned by the king was rearrested by spanish police. hsparking protest. radioactive water is leaking out of the fukushima powerplant into the pacific. the situation is called an emergency. it is the world's first-ever stem cell burger. grown entirely in the lab from cattle stem cells some are hailing it as the future of sustainable food. that is your up-to-date with the main international news stories. plenty more to come. >> welcome back. we are discussing the trial in turkey and the possible next steps. the trial that ended with the former head of the military jailed for life over a coup plot to over three -- overthrow the turkish prime minister. the court convicted and sentenced more than 40 including military officers, journalist, and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2